Woods Canyon Lake
We are almost there I can see the store!
Looking To The Right From Boat Ramp.
You can rent a boat at the store. But you can still have a good time fishing without one. We didn't have a boat and we still caught fish.This lake is electric motors only.
We found a good fishing spot about 300 yards to the right of the boat ramp. You don't have to go to far there is good fishing along the bank to the right of boat ramp.
Looking Across The Lake From Boat Ramp.
To the left of boat ramp, there are some good fishing spots close to the cove. You can also walk around the cove and fish that shore line.
Looking up the lake from our fishing spot. We caught a lot of trout using a small spoon made by Thomas Spinning Lures called the Colorado in 1/10 oz. Nickel/Gold. You can find them at WalMart.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout.
We camped at Aspen camp ground. If you are planing on going camping the best thing to do is reserve a camp site  go to: www.reserveusa.com
The camp is all set up lets go fishing!
We're having crawdads for dinner popa! Well there's always a first time for everthing :-)
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