Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens)

Description: Non-native. Introduced in 1919. Back olive-green; sides brassy-yellow with 6 to 9 dark vertical bars; Belly is white. Anal fin, pectoral and pelvic fins are amber-orange tinted. Small teeth, not canine-like. Soft (rear) dorsal fin has 12 to 13 rays. Length: 4 to12 inches. Weight: 3 to16 ounces. Location and Habitat: Found in Stoneman Lake. Prefer clear water with moderate, aquatic vegetation. Spawn in spring; The eggs are extruded in a ribbon-like, gelatinous string, which is deposited over vegetation or woody debris. The parents do not guard the eggs or fry. Food: They feed on small fish, crawfish and insects. Angling: Schools of perch can be located by trolling or drifting lures or bait close to the bottom. Popular lures and baits include, small jigs, spinners, worms, crickets and grubs. Fishing with minnows is unlawful in Stoneman Lake. Table Quality: Like the walleye, yellow perch is one of the finest eating fish available. The meat is white, flaky and firm with an excellent flavor.