Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Description: Non-native. Introduced in 1898. Olive to bluish on the back, silvery sides, a pink band on the sides from head to tail. Many small black spots on back, sides, adipose and dorsal fin. Distinct radiating rows of black spots on tail fin. Generally, no spots on pectoral, pelvic and anal fins. Length: 8 to 32 inches. Weight: 6 ounces to over 21 pounds. Location and Habitat: They are stocked in most lakes and streams where water temperatures do not exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Food: They feed on aquatic and terrestrial insects and small fish. Angling: Effective baits are worms, salmon eggs, powerbait, corn, cheese, marshmallows, artificial lures and flies. The number one key to successful trout fishing, is to use light line (4 to 6 pound) and small hooks (10-14 sizes), and small sinkers. Table Quality: Depending on the fishes diet, the meat can be white to orange-red in color. The meat is firm, flaky and is considered excellent eating.