Grass Carp

White Amur ( grass carp )

Similar to common carp only in color ( brassy yellow ) and large scales, Notable differences include no barbels on bony mouth, no spine on a short dorsal fin or anal fin, more elongated, tail darher and more deeply forked. These fish are highly effective biological controls of nuisance weed and algae problems and were stocked for these purposes. Lakes containing white amur are posted with advisory signs. White amur can consume more than their body weight in aquatic weeds each day. Although vegetarians, white amur will occasionally tahe various baits.Good fighters. Anglers should exercise care to ensuresafe release of these fish. A state record 40 pounder was caught in 1998 from Encanto Lake. Average size: 15-30 inches. Daily creel limit is 1 fish that must be a minimum of 30 inches.