Black Bullhead

Black Bullhead (Ameiurus melas)

Description: Non-native. Introduced in 1920. Body is black or dark gray on back with no mottling and yellowish sides; Belly is white or yellow. Chin barbels are dark black. Tail fin is slightly notched. Length: 5 to 15 inches. Weight: 4 ounces to over 2 pounds. Location and Habitat: Not widespread. Prefers relatively quiet, murky waters, soft bottoms and rarely found in clear, rocky-bottomed habitats. They are a hardy fish, tolerant of warm water and low levels of dissolved oxygen. Foods: Primarily scavengers, they generally feed at night on small fish, snails, crustaceans and aquatic insects. Angling: Like the yellow bullhead, the black bullhead is often overlooked as a sport fish but can be easily caught with worms, nightcrawlers or crickets, fished on the bottom, at night. Table Quality: The meat is white and has a good flavor, but may be soft in the summer months.